SCENE Selection

Digital cameras have a variety of handy scene modes that can be used for particular scenes and conditions. Scene modes provide way better results than the standard full automatic mode. A lot of digital cameras feature an Intelligent Auto mode that can analyze the type of scene and shooting conditions and select a suitable scene mode.

Below is the list of most commonly used scene modes.

1.      Backlight

The backlight scene mode removes dark shadows when the source of light is behind the subject and even when the subject is in the shade.

2.      Landscape

Landscape mode is ideal for capturing photos of wide scenes. In this scene mode, the camera effectively focuses on a distant object.

3.      Macro

Macro is used to capture close-up shots of tiny objects, flowers and insects. In this scene mode, the camera lens can be moved a lot closer to the subject than in regular modes.

4.      Night Portrait

Night Portrait scene mode is ideal to take photos of a subject in a night scene. The built-in flash and red-eye reduction combined with low shutter-speeds deliver great results.

5.      Night Scene

With Night Scene mode, you can capture photograph nightscapes with ease. Thos mode features slow shutter speeds for total convenience.

6.      Portrait          

Portrait mode keeps main subject is focus while the background is out of focus. It works best with uncomplicated backgrounds.

7.      Sports

Sports mode is ideal to take photos of fast moving subjects. It has extremely fast shutter speeds that capture the subject perfectly.