LCD -Screen

Most digital cameras are equipped with an LCD or Liquid Crystal Display screen. In a digital camera, an LCD screen plays a very important part. It is used to review your photos, checking menu options and even as a live viewfinder.

A good LCD screen gives you a clear view of the pictures that you have clicked. If the LCD screen is not up to the mark, you won’t be able to view the exact colour composition and depth in your images until you view them in a PC or other device. That can be extremely frustrating since you might think that you have captured the perfect shot when you check in the LCD, but the results might be very different when viewed in your PC or laptop.

The overall sharpness of your LCD screen depends on the number of pixels that can be viewed in the camera's specifications. You should always check the number of pixels to determine the overall quality of the LCD screen. Higher the pixels, better the viewing quality.