A good camera battery life can make photography a lot more fun. A premium quality battery allows hours of interrupted usage. Battery quality has improved a lot over the years, but a lot of digital camera’s still suffer from battery issues.

Some of the most common camera batteries are nickel cadium, nickel metal hybrid, lithium ion and lithium polymer. Nickel cadium batteries charge really fast and are less expensive. But, they have a very low capacity and cannot be charge to their full capacity unless they are completely discharged. Nickel metal hybrid batteries have a 50 percent better capacity with the similar battery charging issues as Nickel cadium. Lithium ion have a very high capacity and can be charged to its full capacity without the need to fully discharge them. The only negative is that they are a bit expensive. Lithium polymer batteries feature the latest technology and are the best out there in the market. They have an even better capacity and are available in various shapes and sizes to fit in with different cameras.

Users can extend their battery life by turning off the LCD when possible since LCD consumes a lot of energy. Other ways to restrict battery usage is by not using continuous auto focus all the time and by not pressing the shutter button half way down when not clicking pictures since it consumes energy.