6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter
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6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter Full Specification

 Dust Reduction-
 No. of Doors6
 Door Type-
 ExteriorsRoyal Handle type, High gloss finish
 Refrigeration and Cooling Technology-
 Refrigerator ShelvesTempered Glass
 Special Compartments-
 Ice Cube TrayYes
 Energy Rating-

6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter Reviews

For stylish people

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  • 01-Aug-2015 ,
    • (4/5)

The Hitachi-6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter refrigerator is a stylish refrigerator for those who have a really high budget (Approx. Price-Rs. 3, 20,000) and are looking for mammoth capacity. The Hitachi-6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter refrigerator comes with a flexible storage capacity of approximately 722-liters. There is an additional one piece tempered top-glass shelf that increases the fridge’s storage capacity to approximately 363 liters.

The Hitachi-6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter refrigerator has a uniquely designed vacuum preservation technology. This uniquely designed vacuum technology has a potential to attain 0.8 atm capability using a vacuum pump to mine the air from the compartment. This functionality prevents harmful enzymes to develop and grow. It also suppresses that oxidation deteriorates the quality of food; therefore, ensuring the food to remain fresh while locking the food nutrients.

The Hitachi-6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter comes with a Photo catalyst Preservation mechanism which was also present in its previous model. However, this functionality is now enhanced with incorporating 3 LED Lights. These LED Lights generate 3 times more carbon dioxide. This creates an ideal atmosphere to keep food items like fish, and meat fresh and kills harmful microbes that destroy them.

All in all, this product is for those who are looking for a 6 door high end refrigerator with intelligent cooling. The inverter of the 17 Hitachi-6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter adjusts the cooling power as required and provides intelligent cooling throughout the fridge.

6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter performance

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6 Doors-Crystal Black-Inverter

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