Better care for your hair (HP8115/00)
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Better care for your hair (HP8115/00) Full Specification

 Wattage1200 W
 Cord length1.5 meter
 Voltage220 V
 Settings3 heat/speed settings
 Hanging loopYes
 Cool shotNo

Better care for your hair (HP8115/00) Reviews

Non-noisy, foldable and efficient hair dryer

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  • 06-Jul-2015 ,
    • (4/5)

Philips’s better care for your hair is a compact and beautifully-designed hair dryer, you would fall in love with at first sight! Very modern design yet lightweight and easy to handle that can be stored even in small spaces. It is 1200 watt hairdryer producing optimum level of airflow and gentle on hair.

he speed and heat required can be easily adjusted to create the perfect end result. Three flexible settings ensure precise and tailored styling.

According to your choice and preference, we can select from its 3 flexible heat settings. Like cool air settings when low heat is required, ideal for summers. 

The concentrated airflow feature provides best drying results, the hair dryer comes with integrated nozzle that gives fast drying.

Store this equipment easily as it comes with foldable handle and a rubber-like hook that enable to even hang it in our bathroom or dressing room.

The price of the product is extremely affordable and anyone can afford it very easily. Highly recommended product as it is non-noisy, foldable and efficient. Best choice for personal use.


Better care for your hair (HP8115/00) performance

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Better care for your hair (HP8115/00)

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