Save your Money and Time Before Buy or Deal a Product or Service! is neither a forum nor a Blog site. It provides true feedback of a product or a service to their users. collects the feedbacks from users using different mediums and shares these details to all users who are going to use/buy that product or service.More than 9838 products and services are listed on the site having 10000+ feedbacks.

We collect feedback / reviews from users using below methods to make sure all reviews are real.

You will find user’s name or IP address (review added from) for each review taken online.

We keep hard copy of each review while taking feedback door to door / visiting people.

We display all reference URLs of web site while analyzing product /service performance from internet.

Check Feedback/Review!

We collect review from users, one to one visit and our experts collects review from internet.You just need to check review of a product or service which you are going to buy / use....Read More

Feedback from genuine users, face to face visits

We collect feedbacks from genuine users, we track their unique email and ip address while collecting feedback online.

We don’t allows multiple feedback for same product by same user/IP address.

We arrange events and get the feedbacks from user. All feedbacks are copied into hard copy.